This is the main page for the Bernard's Watch wikia which focuses, and links to, the diffrent areas of this wikia.

Original Series Edit

The original series, arguably the best, ran on CITV from 1997-2001. This series told of a young boy called Bernard who was always late, until the Postman gave him a "magic watch" which could stop time. He soon found out that the postman had magical powers, and that these watches were given to people who needed them. The rules of him keeping his watch were that he couldn't use it to commit crimes and couldn't be greedy.

Every episode focused on Bernard or someone he'd lent the watch to facing a problem or simply doing day to day stuff and trying to sort it out, using the watch.

Remake Edit

CITV made another season with Ryan Watson, however, the second run was significantly different. According to the opening sequence, the watch simply flew through Bernard's window. The character of the "postman" did not exist, and Bernard seemed to be the only person in the world who had such a watch. His best friend Nathan knew about the watch. This series revolved mainly at Bernard's school, Pentup Primary, where he'd usually get the better of his bullying school teacher called Miss Savage and a popular girl called Nicolette.

Episodes Edit

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