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Bernard Beasley Played By David Peachy

Bernard Beasley, played by Jack Banks.

Bernard was played by David Peachey in the original run from 1997-2001 and then by Ryan Watson in the 2003-2004 series of Bernard's Watch.

In the original run the watch was given to Bernard by a postman; however in the new series in 2003 it "flew" into Bernards' room via an open window, this is seen in the opening credits.

in the original run Bernard uses his watch to help those and the series shows him lending his watch to those in need. However, in the 2003 run of the show, Bernard is in Primary school and his Friend Nathan knows about the watch, This second run of the show is mainly centered on him in Primary school (Pentup Primary) and using the watch to get back at their school teacher Ms Savage whom they deem a bully and also Nicolette a popular schoolgirl in their year.

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