Story Time
Series {{{series}}}, Episode 02
The accident
Air Date 9 October 1998
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Story Time is the second episode of the second series of the original program,Bernard's Watch which was broadcast for the first time on CITV on the 2 October 1998.

Summary Edit

Karen always hated writing. She used every excuse she could to get out of it. But sadly this time the teacher saw through her. In a matter of a second Bernard had already finished his paper. Karen stops time and goes to the library to look at some books for inspiration! Until she suddenly feels sort of tired. To wake herself up she has a walk into town. She visited one of the clothes shops and tried on all the clothes as the shop assistant couldn't stop her. Then she wonders past a accident waiting to happen. A man on a ladder which has toppled over background near a on coming car. Below the ladder is a woman and there is a can of paint just above the pram she is holding. Karen removes the can and gets the man on the ladder to safety. Then she suddenly loses the watch! Where did she put it. Theres only one person who can help! The Postman!

Links Edit

See part 2 here!

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